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Things from 2017 for Me and for You

1. If it was meant to be, it'll be. In a relatively hushed manner, I whisked myself away from the great H-Town to Washington, DC. Within two weeks, I found one of the best houses+housemates to live in/with via Craisglist (s/o to Elena, Caro and Kimiya), settled into a new job and new city, and immediately made friends at work and in an Uber (hey Stephanie, Lucas and Leah!) As disgruntled as my family is - more on that later - I don't think I've ever been happier. The work, the District, the people I've met... it's been amazing and I never would've dreamed to be here. Ask freshman-year-biochem-premed-Thu and she would've laughed her a** off. Thankful doesn't even describe it. 

2. Chances are, you're not the only one there alone. Thanks to some great supporters (s/o to Steph, Marie, Monica, Anthony, etc) I've maybe gotten a teeny bit better at approaching strangers and networking. Every time I've met someone new at an event, they happened to be there by themselves and didn't know anyone else either - so I actually had the one up of having a coworker/friend with me! 

3. Call Mum. Even if you just stay on the phone and do chores together. This might not apply to everyone, but... Mum really does know you best. I've always had my doubts, even recently, but she does. It's quite amazing how well she knows what you really want and what's possibly going through your mind. So even if you disappoint her with other things like moving away, at least make up for it a little bit by calling her. Hi Ma, con promise con goi ma nhieu hon from now on... 

4. "Tinder is not the future" - Bo Kim. LOL this one is for you Bo and the rest of us probably HAHA. This applies to all other dating apps. Tam, you are literally the only exception I know and the only exception I'm willing to make.

5. It's not getting any easier explaining to [B] what I do and why - and getting him on board. I don't really have a lesson here. It's quite a struggle. But behind my pretty snaps and loving stories about life in DC, does lie this hurdle that I'm not sure how to clear... or if I can ever clear it. 

6. 살자. Read forwards, it's "let's live;" backwards, it's quite the opposite. Cheesy to some, shocking to others. Nevertheless, this phrase permanently sticks with me (har har.)

7. Pho is actually not that hard to make. 


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