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Things from 2016 for Me and for You

(taken from my Instagram)

Things from 2016 for me and for you

1. I love listening to people's stories. I love creating content and design. (Thus a magazine was born!) When work doesn't seem like work and sleepiness never comes, you know you have finally found your passion. 

2. Black coffee is good. Beer can be too. 

3. I can survive with like 10 tops and 10 bottoms year round. Plus 4 sweaters and 3 jackets. Capsule closet achieved

4. School... will always be there... I'm going to take a chance at being poor and creative for a bit. If anything, I give bomb manicures. 

5. Cold email that IG person you admire. Strike up a conversation with the owner of that boutique whom you aspire to be. Walk up to that social media mutual in Coffeehouse and say hi. Oftentimes, you are missing out on a potential friend/mentor. I know I've made many this year thanks to overcoming my shyness and fear of rejection. 

6. Don't hold back on love. If you love someone, let them know. We all love differently, so maybe they can't tell, but don't hold back on your loving. Because you never know what can happen the next moment. Life is too precious to hold back on expressing love and happiness.

Thu Nguyen