[class speaker draft] by Thu Nguyen

This was my application to be the Class of 2017 speaker at graduation. It wasn't chosen, but if I had to leave one last impression for my peers, this speech would be it, and I would like to share it.

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Still Steadily Fighting by Thu Nguyen

The results of this election were no surprise to me. Our country has made little to no progress whatsoever anyways - mass incarceration is the new Jim Crow is the new indentured servant is the new slavery - and the only thing that I can say really changed today from yesterday is that there are people who will now feel free to do and say whatever they want, wherever they want, however they please because Trump has lifted a taboo and legitimized a culture of public slander and assault. (Is slander the right word? I am in rant mode.)

So now, more clearly than ever, what we need is a cultural and societal change. 

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If You're Not Going, Don't RSVP by Thu Nguyen

Look, I get it. Your friend invited you to this event that she's hosting, and you can't make it or you don't wanna go, but you also don't wanna hurt her feelings, so you click "Going." Or maybe you click "Interested." As an event organizer for many many events both on a college campus and out in the real world, let me advise you to click "Interested." If you know you absolutely cannot make it, please, feel free to click "Not Going."

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