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Thank You All

Today, an article about T Collective was published in the online magazine called Houstonia by a friend, Miranda Proctor. Again, thank you so very much, Miranda, for giving me the opportunity and basically creating one of the highlights of my life so far! Check out her other articles on Houstonia for more fashion articles on locals!

But T Collective, though born in my imagination some time ago, would not have become the physical manifestation that it is today without the unwavering support from my friends Cindy and Linh. Whenever I was in doubt, and even now when I am in doubt, they put up with my second guessing and questions and are always there to reassure me or help me with the production of the brand itself. Thank you both.

Getting into the fashion scene this seriously began from the moment I was taken on as a freshman blogger of 6100 Main: Fashion of Rice, by the original founding team: Nathan Alison and Linda Cheng. Thank you both for the, honestly, life-changing opportunity! And thank you to Brittney Xu for providing inspiration through your personal blog!

To my cousins who are on my Facebook, thank you for your constant support as well. But also, Di Muoi and Duong Muoi don't really know the scope of my project and how serious it is, and I'd rather keep it under wraps that way for the time being, lol. Thanks y'all <3

And to all of my friends and followers, from the very bottom of my heart I would like to thank each and every one of you. Honestly, if I didn't get good response, I would have never gone this far no matter how many pep talks Linh and Cindy gave me. So thank y'all so much.


Collection ooi will indeed be named Friendspiration. This may be a multiple season collection because ALL of my friends inspire me in one way or another. It was initially planned that the names of the clothing items in this first collection would be kept strictly under wraps until they were released but in celebration of the amazing response and support I've gotten today, I'd like to give you a little sneak peak at the line-up for this fall:

Dress oo1 - Amber (already released)
Dress 002 - Cindy
Dress 003 - Sofia
Shirt 001 - Jeremiah
Shirt 002 - Raymond
Knit 001 - Bo Sung
Knit 002 - Jin Sung (yes, just like the humans, these two Knits will also be a twin set of sorts.)

The names are specific to the clothing item because each was designed as a result of seeing that friend wear something or talk about something. The clothes were made specifically with that person and their style in mind - but I hope these will all be pieces everyone enjoys! (Bo, you're reading this and thinking maybe this was because of that one comment a while back but this was all planned before Dress001 even released.)

The timeline is a little iffy right now, but I anticipate the release of Dresses 001-003 by the end of August, Shirts 001 and 002 by the end of October and Knits 001 and 002 by hopefully December (depends on my fabric hunting.)

T Collective is currently a made-to-order clothing brand. With the launch of each piece, I will only be accepting 1-2 orders due to the fact that everything is hand made by yours truly.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have at or on any of my social media @thudawin ! And once again, thank you.

Much love,


Thu Nguyen