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"A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes"

And I've been dreaming of something new. Not big, but not small in the slightest. Getting to know the local Houston scene as been a huge privilege, and I just fall deeper in love with my city as time passes. I love all of the mom and pop eateries, coffee shops and boutiques - you could even say I'm part of this scene, coming from a local nail salon. Except, they're not mom and pop, not really; they're a new generation of craftsmen and artists all in their own different ways. The past few years, I've been trying to document them all on various forums, most notably the school fashion blog I run or my Instagram account.

t collective is something my heart has been longing for for a while, but too afraid to go after it because I've always been on a one-way train, never looking at possibilities to do other things in life. Boring personal details aside, t collective will be my serious attempt to document the local scene of Houston, share my own passions for creating (be it a good a** manicure, a dress, or a pastry) and maybe one day, open a space for everyone to get to know and share the local scene and their craft.

A look book of services and items is in the first stages of planning, but I hope to be able to release it by the end of Summer 2016!

To Linh and Cindy, thank you both so much for supporting me in whatever I do and putting up with my incessant questions for your opinion, I love y'all <3

And to all of my other supporters, thank you for liking my posts and reading my blogs and just giving me encouragement in general. This will be my biggest, most ambitious project yet (which may become a main project in my life...), wish me luck!


Thu Nguyen