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Everlane Application January 2017


  1. It's Thursday night. What are you doing?
  2. How would you describe Everlane to a stranger?
  3. How would your best friend describe you?
  4. What's the hardest you've ever worked? Describe it.


  1. Thus far in my life, Thursday nights are followed by a busy workday at the nail salon or a morning class. If it's a work night, I'll watch Korean dramas in bed while drinking gallons of water to hydrate in preparation for the next day. If it's a school night, I'll work on homework or any task for my clubs. If I were working in Office Operations, it would probably be reviewing my schedule for the next day or two, my task list, and make sure I have prioritized tasks in a manner that would be efficient to either meet deadlines on time or ahead of time. 
  2. Everlane is a clothing brand but they also represent a lifestyle of being transparent, ethical, and giving. All of their pieces are classics or basics - staples for any and every closet - and they show you the cost of production and their markup for sale. They have intimate relationships with their factories so they know exactly how their clothes are produced and how the workers are treated and they do a Black Friday fundraiser every year to give back to the factory workers. They are also very interactive and responsive on their Snapchat and Twitter so they get major street cred. Oh, and they have this new thing where they message you on Facebook when you order, which makes the transaction feel so smooth and personal!
  3. I actually asked my best friend Sofia (specifically, to give five words) and she replied: "ambitious, family-oriented, multi-talented, sincere and humble." Except, I think I just have a lot of interests that I pursue and throw my best efforts into, so I would not necessarily say multi-talented.
  4. This happened recently, actually. It was the peak of the holiday rush at the nail salon, Wednesday December 21st, and our usual staff of ten nail technicians was reduced to eight because illness. Our day started with an 8am appointment, ended with our last appointment at 6pm, and came to a close after we cleaned up the shop and were able to finally sit down for the first meal since 7am breakfast at 8pm. For myself, it was also the first water break and potty break - this seems incredulous but when clients are coming in one after the other, there's no time to stop. My biggest pet peeve at the salon is falling behind on the appointment schedule: if you fall behind with one client, the client scheduled with you right after has to fall behind on their own schedule. With clients booked at hourly intervals, we could not afford to fall behind and make anyone else late, especially if they had holiday parties to go to. Being prompt and respectful of the client's time is my philosophy in the salon. Throughout the day, accidents like double bookings or messed up nails happened, which are always the start to falling behind. Being the youngest of the team, I also happen to be able to work the fastest, so I was called on to finish my clients even faster than the standard one hour in order to jump ship and help a colleague finish another client. This was on top of my receptionist duties of picking up the phone and checking out clients at the register. And because, despite everything, quality could NOT be sacrificed, I still kept focus and put out my best work both through manicures and through customer service. At the end of the day, I was very physically exhausted but every client walked out happy with their nails and service, and no one was late to their next schedule, which made it all worthwhile.


When I first discovered Everlane sometime in 2015, my immediate thought was: I want to be a part of this. At the time, I was a chemistry major and didn't see how I could really contribute to Everlane as a possible premed, so I pushed that thought aside as a job I'd daydream about. In the following years at Rice, I became more and more involved in community building, social advocacy, and design. I found myself reaching out and signing up to help behind the scenes for events and projects whose missions I believed in, and even cold emailed an online boutique owner asking to be her unpaid intern because I just wanted the experience and I really love her brand. Having been practically raised in a nail salon - a business that revolves around people interaction and always being positive and cheerful to create a relaxing environment - I eventually realized that I want to continue being the behind-the-scene supporter of small businesses. This past August, I considered applying for Everlane's "Name Your Job" position, hoping to mesh my skills of quick adaptation, social sensitivity, social media, and doing nails into a sort of "Wearer of Many Hats" for Everlane - the company's personal assistant in the office or in stores, able to pick up any task on hand, or even provide manicures for the clothing models. As I pondered that application, I realized I could do all of these things maybe, and more, in the "Office Manager" position. There are many reasons why I want to join the Everlane team: I believe and strongly support everything Everlane stands for, and I have discovered that I have a knack for helping small business operations. I am also ready to move from Houston; while living at home has its financial perks, I feel that I will never grow as an individual if I keep myself sheltered in a comfortable environment. San Francisco, though expensive to live in, has always fascinated me and has better public transit than Houston - I also already have a place to stay if I were to join the team. The only reason holding me back from applying was that I had this irrational fear of Everlane being too cool to accept me. But when all of my friends started commenting on how I would be fit for companies like Everlane or Club Monaco - without me ever telling them I have dreams of being at Everlane - I began to agree with them. In my daydream, I would get some sort of job assisting others at Everlane, and stay and eventually grow with Everlane, and help make change - to the lives of factory workers or to how the entire fashion industry operates, or to how people consume their fashion. With rejection being the only, and the most unreasonable, fear holding me back, I made up my mind to send in this application when I came across the job listings on Everlane’s Instagram story. Here’s to a new year where I pursue my passions and hopefully be able to contribute to a company and culture I’ve always admired.